Create a set of applications for different platforms that work as an access point so that their different clients can monitor the status of services and processes under their care outside their company’s intranet.


We delivered 4 generic apps for different platforms: Windows, OSx, iOS y Android, all of them developed from web technologies. With these apps, information about the status of services and procedures can be obtained in real time and by any compatible device, besides the opportunity of generating reports of those data.

In addition, an API (Backend) was created, that is, a set that communicates the application in the different platforms, and a control panel that provides the information to the applications and with which our client manages what their users will be able to see.


PDG Solutions provided an integral service to cover all of Insight’s needs. We handled the total development of applications for mobile and computers. Initially, it was started as a Fixed Project, but until now we continue to provide our services with a structure by Time and Materials.


Multiplatform applications to monitor incidents, which grow steadily and safely thanks to the Scrum process and methodology Continuous Continuous Integration & Deployment applied.