A few decades ago, if a business was not in the yellow pages, it did not exist. It applies now in the same way with the internet. A successful business without a web presence will never exploit its full potential. Having a website where potential customers can know everything about your company and purchase your products or services with just one click is vital in the modern world. But how to know what type of web design is convenient for you? When talking about custom web design, there are two options: custom web development and web design on platforms. Before choosing an option, you must first assess what you want to have on your web and what kind of web it will be (advertising, blog, e-commerce).

Customized web development is undoubtedly the best option. In this type of design, the team collects all the requirements of the client and develops the product and its structure from scratch, guaranteeing the best results.

Of course, among its extensive list of benefits, it includes the following:

  • Unique and distinctive image, fully adapted to the existing corporate image. A captivating visual design capable of attracting more customers.
  • Website adapted to all the requirements of the client.
  • Ability to expand it and makeit grow with your business. 
  • Not only will it have a quality facade, it also ensures a well-done development, ensuring the website will be stable and secure.
  • A clean and error-free code allows good upload speed and also favors good positioning on search engines.
  • Customized web development is very favorable and recommended for those who can afford this investment.

In the custom web design on platforms, you can create simple-functioning sites in which the developer and the client must adapt themself into the limitations that the predesigned template establishes. Basically, it is an existing product that is customized according to the client’s taste and its functionalities can be completed with the incorporation of plugins. 

Personalized webs on platforms are usually the goal of customers with small businesses that want to start having a presence on the web such as small or family businesses, bloggers, artists, photographers or any professional who wants to have a window to the world to display his portfolio.

Among its advantages we highlight:

  • They are perfect if the functionalities required are simple. 
  • They require little development time, which makes them less expensive.
  • There are a lot of predesigned templates to choose from and customize according to your taste, but already knowing since the beginning how the website will look like once finished.

This type of website is not favorable because :

  • CMS platforms have advanced security measures, but as they are for public use, their security is more vulnerable.
  • If additional functionalities to those offered by the template or plugins installation are required, its cost is increased by additional programming.
  • Web positioning can be hindered, since the code of the template may contain counterproductive information to be adapted to any use.

The most important thing is that regardless of the option to choose, in PDG Solutions we guarantee the possibility of checking that all the details on the web site match the requested before its launch. In addition, both options have a responsive design that will allow the website to fit into any device without problems, all to ensure our clients results will be true to their expectations.

Personalized web design, custom or in platforms?
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Personalized web design, custom or in platforms?
How to know what type of web design is convenient for you? Before choosing an option, you must first evaluate what you want to have on your website and what type it will be.
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